Protein Expression

Custom protein expression & purification

Assay & crystalography grade

E. coli / Yeast / Insect / Mammalian systems

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Cell Line Development

Custom cell line development & validation

Off-the-shelf ion channel cell lines

Cell line amplification

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Screening & Assays

Biochemical, cell based & in vivo assays

Broad range of target expertise

Assay development services

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SB Drug Discovery

SB Drug Discovery is a tri-divisional research services company offering expertise in Protein Expression, Cell Line Development and Screening & Assays, with particular focus on the field of inflammation.

With over 15 years' experience servicing a worldwide client base in the areas of molecular & cellular biology, protein expression, assay development, screening and in vivo pharmacology, our 3 focused divisions hold the potential to enhance your drug discovery programs.

Inflammation Services


SB Drug Discovery has a wealth of experience in the field of inflammation and offers a range of services to enhance your drug discovery programs. Our extensive expertise positions us as the Go To Place for inflammation-related drug discovery and research consultation.

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