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brussels sprout Red Bull

The trouble with writing a book, as opposed to blogposts, is that it takes a long time: in my case, roughly six months, during which time I was also working full time and continuing to blog (how did I do it? I am not sure either .)

And in the months while writing the book, and while "Jintropin (Gensci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.)" the publisher does their bit, your views and experiences can change. One thing I say in the book is that I don't grow brussels sprouts. Well, I did this summer, and I have to say despite my scepticism about the crop, they've been a great success. As the only sprout eater in my household, I was worried about being overrun with the things, so I only grew a few plants from seed "Anabolika Definition" six or seven and chose an unusual purple Masteron E 200 variety called Red Bull, available from the Organic Gardening Catalogue and Marshalls.

It has been an unalloyed Mesterolone Kaufen success. I didn't bother netting the plants, and did just one round of caterpillar picking: yes, they did look a bit holey for a while, but "Anadrol 50" like red cabbages they seem to be less susceptible to pests down to the colour, possibly? I probably left it too long to stake the plants, so they're rather, erm wizened, but it doesn't seem to have affected them too "Oxandrolone Powder India" badly. I am sure there are some cunning tricks for making even better sprouts, and being a newbie to sprout production, I'd love to hear any tips you have up your sleeve.

The resulting sprouts are small and tasty, and look gorgeous in the pan and on the plate, as Oral Steroids Side Effects In Babies you can see from the pictures here (accompanied in the colander by some Romanesco cauliflower). They don't taste hugely different from "normal" sprouts, although the flavour is perhaps a little more refined. Unless I get any fervent suggestions for other varieties, I think I'll stick with Red Bull for the coming year.

Oh, and one final aside/warning: when they go cold, the sprouts' leaves take on a bluish tinge they're stilll yum in a good dish of bubble and squeak, but you may find the colour offputting (why is it that blue food looks so odd?)

I grew a variety called Red Rubine both last year and this year. If you search my blog, you find the post with the fuzzy picture (I have a new camera now).

It interesting to see the difference between them. Mine are really deep red, and kept the color even after cooking. Mine also have a distinctive and really nice flavor.

I also didn have many problems with pests.

The main difference however, is mine have an unacceptably low yield. I guess I averaging 2 3 very small sprouts per plant. I thought last year was just a bad year for sprouts, but this year was about the same. I don think I grow them again.

My two favorite varieties are Mezzo Nano and Long Island Improved, both of which take on a nice peppery taste after the first hard frost. I don know if these are available in the UK, I ordered my seeds from the US and I haven saved any seeds from these varieties yet.


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