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Cadets stumble in Commonwealth finals

Both schools had five wrestlers in the final round, as did Bishop O'Connell and Paul VI, who were tied for third place with 135 points apiece. All the Cadets needed was a solid performance to claim the tournament championship.

Unfortunately for Benedictine, the Cardinals were 5 for 5 in the final round which included two head to head matches against Cadets while Benedictine settled for five second place finishes in individual competition as well as second place overall.

Bishop Ireton finished with 197 points, followed by Benedictine with 156, Bishop O'Connell with 149, Paul VI with 148.50, John Paul the Great with 131, Bishop Sullivan with 76, Roanoke Catholic with 43 and "Oxandrolone Powder India" Seton with 19.

"It Masteron Subq always hurts," Benedictine coach Ryan Hall said of the loss. "We had five in the finals we should have had possibly one more. We just didn't wrestle our best.

"When the whistle blows, anything can happen. We need to make sure we're mentally tough; when we step on the mat, we give it our best. Fair and square, we didn't bring it today."

Two of Benedictine's losses in the final round were to Bishop Ireton opponents. Elliot Mondragon pinned Dallas Wood at the 1:27 mark to win the 103 pound title, and Darcy Gomez defeated Jordan Schmeer 9 0 in the 112 pound class.

In the 135 pound class, Curtis Jeney of Bishop Buy Cheap Jintropin Online O'Connell defeated Benedictine's Sam Toomey, 4 2. Zak Perroots of John Paul the Great pinned "Oxandrolone Powder India" Cadet Michael Logan at 1:36 to claim the 152 pound championship. Ty Campbell of Paul VI defeated Benedictine's Greg Crowe 16 0 to earn the 171 pound title.

While Benedictine was slipping, Bishop Ireton kept rolling over opponents. Nich Womach defeated Dale Mullane of Bishop O'Connell 10 5 in the 130 pound class. Ricky Baier pinned Bishop Sullivan's Sean Kelly at 3:12 in the 140 pound class. Andrew Lutterloh pinned Mario Genova of John Paul the Great at 2:19 to win the 215 pound title.

"Coming into this round there was a 19 point gap, which sounds like a lot, but they had five in the finals, we had five in the finals," said Bishop Ireton coach Don Dight. "Instead of them closing the gap, we were just able to expand the gap. It's a solid performance. When push came to shove, my guys stepped up in the final round."

Dight also had praise for his team members in the consolation round to decide third and fourth place. Four Andre Baehre (135 pounds), Mike Rodriguez (145 pounds), Gibson Hawk (160 pounds) and Andrew Bladen (171 pounds) won their matches to give the Cardinals vital breathing room just before the final round.

"That really put us in a good position," Dight said. "We just shut the door in the finals."

Bishop Ireton had five first place wrestlers, four third place finishers, three in fourth place, and one each in fifth and sixth place. Benedictine had five second place wrestlers, three third place finishers, two fourth place finishers, Oral Steroids Nz one fifth place wrestler and three finishing sixth.

While Hall 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosteron was disappointed Methenolone Enanthate Para Que Sirve with the way Benedictine finished, he is optimistic that they will improve.

"I tell my guys you can't be perfect, but you can chase perfection," Hall said. "You're going to make mistakes they're kids at the end of the day. We need to clean up those little mental mistakes and technique mistakes and hopefully things will turn our way next time."

He added that Saturday's meet is a good learning experience.

"This team has overcome a lot of adversity throughout the year with injuries and other things," Hall said. "Every weekend is a learning experience, but one of the things I love most about this team is there's no quit. They give it all they've got every time."

Following Tuesday night's local rivalry with St. Christopher's and Collegiate, Benedictine has three more events to prepare for the VISAA State championships which take place at VCU's Siegel Center Feb. 18 19.103 Mondragon, Elliot, Bishop Ireton Fall Wood, Dallas, Benedictine, 1:27 112 Gomez, Darcy, Bishop Ireton M Dec Schmeer, Jordan, Benedictine, 9 0 119 Hughes, Conor, Paul VI Dec Ramos, Jacob, Bishop O'Connell, 3 0 125 Whitaker, Tommy, Paul VI Dec Diguililan, Charlie, Bishop O'Connell, 5 0 130 Womach, Nich, Bishop Ireton Dec Mullane, Dale, Bishop O'Connell, 10 5 135 Jeney, Curtis, Bishop O'Connell Dec Toomey, Sam, Benedictine, 4 2 140 Baier, Ricky, Bishop Ireton Fall Kelly, Sean, Bishop Sullivan, 3:12 145 Norris, Jon, Bishop O'Connell M Dec Hein, Chris, Bishop Sullivan, 14 0 152 Perroots, Zak, John Paul The Great Fall Logan, Michael, Benedictine, 1:36 160 Willoughby, Jason, John Paul The Great Fall Olmo, Anthony, Bishop Sullivan, 2:53 171 Campbell, Ty, Paul VI T Fall Crowe, Greg, Benedictine, 16 0 189 McNulty, Aidan, John Paul The Great Dec Geier, Ray, Paul VI, 7 3 215 Lutterloh, Andrew, Bishop Ireton Fall Genova, Mario, John Paul The Great, 2:19 285 Perini, James, Roanoke Catholic Fall Subacz, Peter, John Paul The Great, 1:58103 Firth, Colin, John Paul The Great Dec Garcia, Frankie, Seton, 9 6 112 Gormely, Connor, Paul VI Dec McAteer, Thomas, Bishop O'Connell, 5 3 119 Herrera Dos Rios, Arm., Roanoke Catholic Dec Rysperkov, Arslan, Bishop Ireton, 6 5 125 Corbin, Shane, Benedictine Dec Severini, Jeff, Bishop Ireton, 9 8 130 Bounforte, Matt, Paul VI Dec Salazar, Alex, Bishop Sullivan, 4 2 135 Baehre, Andrew, Bishop Ireton Dec O'Flynn, James, Paul VI, 8 3 140 Callahan, "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" Dan, Bishop O'Connell M Dec Carlton, Dan, Paul VI, 20 8 145 Rodriguez, Mike, Bishop Ireton M Dec May, Brendan, Paul VI, 16 6 152 Perez, Gabriel, Bishop O'Connell Fall Nagao, Ben, Bishop Ireton, 4:00 160 Hawk, Gibson, Bishop Ireton Fall McSweeney, Ben, Benedictine, 2:10 171 Bladen, Andrew, Bishop Ireton Fall Zapiain, Chris, John Paul The Great, 3:49 189 Benedict, Sean, Bishop O'Connell Fall Davenport, Marshall, Benedictine, 1:54 215 Walker, Alec, Benedictine Dec Umana, Nick, Paul VI, 9 5 285 Mosier, John, Benedictine Fall Roy, Nick, Paul VI, :26

103 Pham, Nghia, Roanoke Catholic M Dec Lascara, Matthew, Bishop Sullivan, 12 4 112 Lynch, Chad, Bishop Sullivan Fall Koehr, Patrick, Seton, 2:23 119 Robertson, Jeff, Bishop Sullivan Fall Andersen, Zach, Benedictine, :42 125 McDaniels, Shane, Bishop Sullivan Fall Jackson, Tim, Seton, 4:28 130 Gordon, James, John Paul The Great Fall Epley, Storm, Benedictine, :22 135 Maenza, Anthony, Seton Fall Tran, Tan, Roanoke Catholic, 2:08 140 Haskell, Matt, John Paul The Great Fall Lee, Jordan, Benedictine, :53 145 Toomey, Ralph, Benedictine Fall Garcia, Andy, John Paul The Great, :30 152 Whitehurst, Jeremy, Paul VI Fall Kosten, Thomas, Seton, 2:15 160 Nguyen, Jonathon, Paul VI Dec Ruble, Nick, Roanoke Catholic, 11 8 171 Curtin, Michael, Bishop O'Connell Fall Perini, Tommy, Roanoke Catholic, 1:39 189 Murray, David, Bishop Sullivan DQ Fessahaye, Tommy, Bishop Ireton 215 Cremin, Richard, Bishop O'Connell Advanced through BYE 285 Keegan, Jimmy, Bishop Ireton Advanced through BYE.