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Laws to ban phone use while driving only do so much to make roads safer

By Roger ChesleyToo many people end up dead or maimed because drivers are scanning inane tweets, nonsensical texts and useless Facebook photos instead of concentrating on the road.

Hands free devices aren't any better than hand held ones. Voice based technology has its own distractions and frustrations.

Lots of research from universities, government agencies and nonprofits shows that distracted driving continues to endanger thousands of people every year. Federal officials say 3,328 people were killed and 421,000 were injured in crashes in 2012 involving a distracted driver. The major sources of distraction: texting, talking and eating.

I get it: Cars provide us personal freedom. Everyone appreciates the fewest restrictions that still allow us to be safe. Critics deride "nanny" regulations. He reported that Del. Richard Anderson plans to introduce legislation banning all hand held devices on Virginia roads. The District of Columbia and 14 states including Maryland and West Virginia have such bans. No state prohibits all cellphone or hands free conversations behind the wheel.

Anderson told me Monday he knows that cognitive distraction is the same with hand held or hands free technology. "But it would be tough to get a bill through" the General Assembly banning all technology use behind the wheel, he said.

"I think this is the art of the possible," Anderson continued.

I understand that, but I hope his bill fails. Banning hand "Comprar Gh Jintropin" held phones would put a veneer of safety on a practice that is anything but.

For more than a decade, the University of Utah "Anaboliset Aineet" has been a leader in studying distracted driving. As early as 2001, researchers Testosterone Propionate Or Cypionate there found hands free phones were just as distracting as hand held ones. They later discovered the conversation itself was more of a distraction than the device.

"Such drivers aren't aware they are impaired," they said.

Distracted drivers cease scanning the road. They stop looking for possible threats.

Newer Comprar Gh Jintropin research measures how distracting different tasks are in the car.

David Lee Strayer is director of the Center for Winstrol Tablets Price the Prevention of Distracted Driving at the University of Utah. He told me Monday that several organizations support total bans. They include the National Transportation Safety Board. Exemptions could be allowed for emergencies. Legislation would have to come from the states.

It would be a nightmare to enforce a total ban. Obviously, cracking down on cellphones attacks only one source of distracted driving. Folks would still eat and drink, put on makeup and fiddle with the radio though those activities tend not to engage the brain the same way.

Shame on us, though, if we think his legislation will do enough to make us safer.

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While I agree with the texting ban and somewhat agree with the ban of handheld devices while driving I do not agree with a hands free ban. With these devices there is no difference between that conversation and having a conversation with a passenger. Are we going to ban that next? Put the driver in a soundproof enclosure so as not to be distracted by his passengers? "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" Do you have a breakdown of the accidents in finer detail? Since eating doesn't usually involve an electronic device we should be able to eliminate those in this discussion. Also how many of the "talking" distractions were handheld versus hands free versus passengers? This would be good to know in order to evaluate the need for more laws.

The problem is that most drivers texting or tweeting are so emotionally fixated on the conversation or become fixated on the phone itself. If one knows how Australian Levitra to safely, and properly text and drive it should never lead to an accident. waiting until its safe, gauging traffic patterns, texting one letter at a time at intervals. We all should know how to change a radio station or eat a cheeseburger without creating an accident. The fact is, texting and driving is illegal and dangerous because the common, unskilled, basic texters do not do it properly. Kyle Bush can drive Bristol in heavy traffic changing lanes monitoring a hundred things at once and not crash. You would think humans should be able to safely text. But no. Now we all have to stop.

Kyle Bush invariably prioritizes his driving, and all conditions affecting it, as his first priority,